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”When she told him five dollars Lincoln responded that her priced seemed fair, but all he had with him was three dollars.

She offered to trust him for the other two dollars, but Lincoln told her he didn’t want to feel indebted so he got dressed and left.

Her father Robert Todd was a prominent Kentucky merchant and politician, the father of fifteen children, and owned hundreds of slaves. It is sure that Elizabeth Edwards and her husband found Lincoln a strange suitor.

Compared to Mary Todd he was uneducated, had a rough personality suited to the frontier, and a large and gangly appearance.

She was twenty years old; stood five feet, two inches tall; had reddish brown hair; blue eyes; and had studied at the Shelby Female Academy, and Madame Charlotte Le Clere Montelle’s boarding school.

After stripping down and getting into bed with the prostitute Lincoln asked her, “How much? The book purports to detail Lincoln’s affair with an army Captain among several others.By today’s standards that could be considered a prima facia case, but frontier life presented a different set of challenges from today.As a result she was forced to take care of the Lincoln home and children on her own.From all accounts when he was home Lincoln was a very permissive father and let the children run wild. When he was offered the Governorship of Oregon Mary encouraged him to decline the office.

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She came from a wealthy family, and her life with Abraham Lincoln was completely dissimilar to the life she was used to.

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