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Her career is so all engrossing, that she’s never in her life — never! Which means she’s had to become adept at fixing her diesel generator, her heating and her truck. The land she farms is owned by the National Trust and they were very particular about who they wanted to look after it.Plus, of course, the regular punctures on her two motor vehicles. ‘You want to see the sun rise here,’ she ­protests. I don’t have curtains on one side of the house because it’s absolutely spectacular. Six weeks before she heard that the place was available, she’d split up from her fiance, Steve, with whom she’d been living 20 miles away in Hexham.

‘Some shepherdesses walk like man, talk like a man, dress like a man and don’t wear any make-up.

There are ten houses plonked at the end of the road, along with a payphone that doesn’t accept cash and a small postbox. She lives deeper still in Nowhereland, four miles up treacherous track that is all but unnavigable in anything but a 4x4 — indeed most other cars leave with punctured tyres.

‘Well, actually, nothing to do with me, but we’ve just ­written to her to say that we are going to stop delivering to her door,’ says the postie.

That’s my goal, but we’ll just have to see what happens.’ But while she would love a man in her life, she genuinely seems to enjoy the solitude and simplicity of her life.

‘I think there are very few people who love their jobs.

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Formerly a freelance shepherdess, there are now two arms to her business — breeding lambs that can sell for anything up to £3,000, and training and breeding sheepdogs.

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