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"I don't know anybody who is a close friend of his in the garage.""Here's the deal: I don't have time for a lot of chit-chat," Knaus said. Some will tell you exactly what they've got in the race car. I don't want other crew chiefs to know what I'm doing. The only people I share that information with are our teammates."Malec said Knaus intentionally doesn't fraternize with No.

48 crew members as much because it got awkward when employees were fired."Racing is his entire life," Malec said. It's all he's got."Knaus' closest friend probably is Johnson, who struggles with how to describe him."As intense and crazy as he is, he's kind of a teddy bear at times," Johnson said, before a long pause and a laugh. He's complicated."In the austere environs of his office (which also contains a horseshoe from a fan, a cloverleaf and a "Believe" decal from the Baltimore City Police Department), Knaus has no windows and faces a whiteboard with a multicolored line graph charting the points position, start and finish of the No.

The championship tied legends Richard Petty and Dale Earnhardt Sr. As the confetti falls, Jimmie Johnson celebrates his win at Martinsville on Oct. The victory ensured Johnson would race for a seventh championship by clinching a spot in the Chase for the Sprint Cup finale.

Jimmie Johnson, in a superman firesuit and cape, celebrates after winning the Auto Club 400 on March 20, 2016. for seventh-most wins in NASCAR Cup Series history with 76. They're completely different people."When he meets with prospective employees, Knaus will ask for age and marital status and sometimes follows candidates out to the parking lot so he can observe the upkeep of their personal cars."Chad is a major HR violation when it comes to interviewing," Landis said.

There are no photos of family – and not because Knaus doesn't desire them. But ultimately, the personal relationship suffers."I have to make sure what we're trying to achieve here is finished."DAYTONA 500: Starting lineup There is a single-minded focus and insatiable work ethic within Knaus that some might say borders on the maniacal.They have a long history at Hendrick, having worked as crewmembers on Jeff Gordon's No.24 that won the championship in 1995, when Letarte watched Knaus regularly butt heads with his mentor, Evernham."He doesn't have the best bedside manner but really gets results," Letarte said.The victory was the 77th of Johnson's career, moving him past Dale Earnhardt Sr. Jimmie Johnson revels in victory with his daughter Genevieve after winning the Folds of Honor Quik Trip 500 at Atlanta Motor Speedway on Feb. Jimmie Johnson, right, and crew chief Chad Knaus kiss the bricks at Indianapolis Motor Speedway after winning the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard in 2008. Jimmie Johnson shares a laugh with Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, then Speaker of the House, during a visit to Capitol Hill on Feb. A reporter asked if he was a Democrat or Republican. As straightforward as they come Knaus builds his team through a Management By Strengths program that uses a color-coded chart to rate personalities by directness, extroversion, pace and structure. "But he's not doing it to discriminate but to understand who you are.(Knaus is a "high red" because of his brutally straightforward manner.) After 12 seasons, he feels the 2014 crew is his most self-motivated yet."The people who just wanted to talk about winning races, we've weeded them out," Knaus said. He evaluates if you have a wife and kids, you have some sense of responsibility."Landis said Knaus is different than the guy he met 20 years ago because "he realizes better that not everyone is wired like him."Waltrip, who worked with Knaus while driving for Dale Earnhardt Inc.

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