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Footage of a cheetah running at full tilt with its claws extended for maximum grip is among the ground-breaking material captured for the latest BBC wildlife documentary.

The shots recorded for Big Cats were unthinkable a few years ago because of...

A former Conservative defence minister warned “pinstriped warriors” at the Treasury against pushing for reductions to the armed forces because of a lack of money.

Mark Francois voiced his concern in the Commons along with other MPs from all parties at the threat of a new round of cuts to the British Army, Royal Navy and Royal Air Force...

They had hoped that no one would ever find out, but after one of them confided in a close friend about what had happened the secret started to spread.

And so the day wore on inevitably to another regret in the lost and in the future to be recalled days. ” I snarled again something witty like “Shut your mouth” and went tramping furiously over our few acres with E’en So [their dog].

When I returned I kissed Shumdit better and then began to attack again. 3 June 1966 I had only one shot to do this morning but, malheureusement, Eliz had three, then of course she had to wash her hair for the weekend so we got away from the studio at 1.30.

The Queen’s Coronation at Westminster Abbey in 1953 was one of the great spectacles of the 20th century, a piece of pageantry that transfixed television viewers around the world.

But, as the Queen reveals in a rare interview for a BBC documentary...

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John Humphrys, the radio broadcaster, made light of the BBC gender pay row in a leaked tape recording that has caused dismay among women there.

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