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The jihadists have held the city since they seized it in a lightning sweep across Iraq in June 2014.The battle signals the turning of the tide in the international war against the group, following months in which ISIS has lost control of major cities in Iraq and key sections of its territory in Syria.ISIS militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul have reportedly executed at least 232 people and forced thousands of others to relocate at gunpoint in order to transform them into human shields, the United Nation’s human rights office said on Friday.The apparent executions and forced movements suggest the jihadist group is turning to increasingly brutal measures as it attempts to defend Mosul from a large-scale military offensive launched on Oct.“They don’t show up, they just kill ISIS fighters and they hide themselves.No one knows who they are,” said a 60-year-old man from Mosul who fled with his family about two months ago.To mock the boozy traditions of year-end nightlife, ISIS grabbed footage from a viral You Tube video uploaded last year by a Canadian bouncer who strapped a Go Pro camera to his chest while dealing with hordes of New Year’s Eve patrons at The Gatsby Soundhouse and Bar in London, Ontario.

Hawija, a city with an estimated population of 115,000, is now cut off from Mosul, the much larger city to the north, following an Iraqi army offensive that severed the north-south highway.The Somali affiliate of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) released its first video late Monday, offering gruesome threats to those celebrating the holidays with drunken revelry.The debut, a nearly eight-and-a-half-minute video, began with a shot of a Christmas tree, champagne being poured in a tall glass and the voices of partygoers counting down to the New Year.As a result, residents who recently fled say the price of food has soared.A bottle of oil can cost as much as 100,000 Iraqi Dinars, or about . In addition ISIS has tightened its ultraconservative restrictions on every day life.

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