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The sad fact is that for a stand up comic she wasn't funny at all.The thing that irratated me the most was that she was in her last episode towards the end of Season 5 and then gone.

To show petulance, she rocks back and forth, almost in and out of frame, as she shouts her lines (again).They make a pretense of leaving to visit family around the holidays but always gravitate back to each other due to "missed flights" or "bad weather." Tootie and Natalie are inseparable, and the steamy Lo/Blair sexual tension is well already well documented.Cloris Leachman shows up with her feminine son, who is clearly the product of artificial insemination, to show the other women how to be same sex parents.Also writers Linda Marsh and Margie Peters were brought over by Lear from his One Day at a Time to save the show after the disastrous first season.They left the show sometime during Season 6 and you can definitely see a big change in the show once they left.

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