Frank potteries dating your pottery

It was not so much the fault of individual mill owners, a few of whom like Robert Owen had an enlightened approach to their workers’ welfare, as the result of an entire system for exploitation of cheap labour (the ‘Factory System’).Skilled workers employed by a ‘cotton master’ would themselves pay unskilled women and children to help them.

In spite of reform, the perceived humiliation of the destitute in the workhouses continued to be hated during the Victorian era.That mills existed in the 16th Century is certain but their safety was not subject to any regulation.The Chief Inspector’s report for 1936 quoted a report found concerning a fatal accident to a child in 1540: ‘a yonge childe… was by some mishap come within the swepe or compasse of the cogge whele and therewith was torne in peces and killed.In 1572 a tax was laid on local communities to pay for the relief of the ‘deserving’, workhouses were established in 1576 and Parish Overseers of the Poor were appointed in 1597.Those laws were consolidated by the Poor Law of 1601 and were not reformed until 1834, when the Poor Law Commission’s recommendations were implemented by the Poor Law Amendment Act.

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