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Those three friends have a special connection to John's past. Though never mentioned aloud, the teenage partiers in the film are all dressed as various characters from 60's TV series.

John's life takes a turn for the worse when he has to investigate the brutal slashing murders of four townsfolk in four separate incidents.

For the pace of this film to keep up is a tribute to the fact that its focus is a relationship that is going nowhere.

Even if it has to visit Idylwild to get to nowhere.

See more » Australian-New Zealand-US co-production about modern-day teenagers in a small town "outside of Chicago" who come under the influence of a nefarious scientific team conducting paid experiments in their laboratory-fortress; the resident chief of police, harboring a grudge against the government-funded operation since the mysterious death of his wife, investigates.

Director Michael Laughlin, working from a thin script by Bill Condon and himself, is very apt at creating atmosphere and mood, and the tension which slowly develops rests entirely upon these attributes (the characters and dialogue being of little consequence).

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