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It was the final chapter in a life lived heroically.

Denis Hamill’s tribute in the News was headed “His grace inspired so many.” He wrote, in part, “I never met anyone who accomplished this mission of absolution with as much grace, honor and hope as Detective Steven Mc Donald…This unforgiving town could sure use some of Detective Mc Donald’s forgiving heart.” “My friend Joe Mathews shared a poignant story with me recently.

Sanchez was out shopping one day when she noticed a young woman with three children.

We don’t know when that time will be so it’s important to live each day with love and purpose, leaving this world better than we found it.

Academy Award-winning actor Denzel Washington is used to hobnobbing with other celebrities, but he hasn’t forgotten the kindness of people who made a difference in his life when he was growing up. She spent 50 years working as a librarian at New York’s Mount Vernon Public Library.

He kept it up for three months until his mother moved to the United States.

Today, Jose is a married father who volunteers with a prison ministry.

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  1. Tip #4: "wait until you’re ready," seems obvious, but how do you know if you're ready? Choosing to never date again after a partner's death is one of three paths people who've lost a loved one usually take, he wrote, including starting a relationship right away and falling in love with a new person while still loving the partner they lost.

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