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It’s really ok to tell us, ‘I don’t plan to get married’ or ‘I am exploring a relationship with someone else right now’ or ‘I’m very interested in you and really want to take our friendship to the next level.’ Please make sure your words your actions are consistent with your intentions.Don’t tell us how devoted you are to us while you’re posting pictures of yourself with a different woman every week on Facebook.How you steward us matters A LOT and you will be accountable for it to Christ one day.

If you ask us out on a one-on-one basis, we always assume there is romantic interest unless you clearly state otherwise.

You are physically and emotionally tougher than us, which is why he refers to us as the weaker vessel.

When you read ‘weaker’ think delicate, precious and vulnerable.

When you single us out in any way—like giving us a compliment or liking a picture we post on Facebook or letting us borrow your pencil—we notice. Sometimes it feels like the greatest curse of womanhood, the fact that we are SO aware of the littlest things.

So when you send us a private message, or call us for reasons that are not business-related, or your hugs get more frequent, we notice.

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