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Your life has taken a 180-degree turn from the moment that love has come into your life, so you should have realized that the moments of happiness that you enjoy have become more numerous and intense and also those difficult times are now easier to face, all thanks to the power of love.

If you are about to celebrate your first anniversary next to the one you love, then the phrases that you find in this section will be ideal to congratulate him or her with all your love and thank him for so many beautiful moments you have shared together.– “They were so many years that I was waiting for you to come into my life, when I saw you for the first time I had no doubt that you were the right person, we are now enjoying a nice relationship and we will celebrate this first anniversary . “– “This morning I made a special prayer to give thanks to God for so many beautiful moments we have shared together and especially because for this day in which we are celebrating our first year as a couple.

We have handpicked some of the best relationship and love quotes from around the web, so, that you just don’t have to.

We know that relationships and the feeling of love is hard to describe in words.

As a kid, one is supposed to be more cute and adorable. In the words of Natalie Portman, “Cute is when your personality shines through your looks....

Those mystical feelings are even beyond our ability to describe. Just never say “Goodbye”, that would be the best thing for me. Love is eternal, it can’t be compressed to a lifetime. And there is absolutely no way, I can ever take it back from you! This one was of the new relationship quotes that happen to enter our list. The moment you held my hands, I knew you were someone with who I will spend the rest of my life!

Being with your love is just more than enough to turn a bad day or situation into the best of your life. No matter, where we are, we will never be separated! And just don’t leave me ever, as I won’t be able to live without you! Your words spin around my mind and make me smile all day long! These were some of the very best cute relationship quotes found from all over the internet.

“We hope this is only the first of many anniversaries to celebrate next to the love of your life and you can return to our site whenever you need a phrase for any occasion of your life. Being in love is an amazing experience that will bring us much closer to experience complete happiness with the person who became the center of our world and our greatest motivation to live each day to the fullest.

When our relationship celebrates its first year of existence, then we should be very happy because it is the proof that our love has become larger and more mature, and a grand future awaits us next to the person we love. My heart beats with excitement and I cannot help but be happy when thinking about the way in which we celebrate this day and the beautiful moments that await us from now on.

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