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After a meeting with Mc Gregor, and talking with UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, White offered him a contract days later.In February 2013, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced that they had signed Mc Gregor to a multi-fight contract.Mc Gregor, repeatedly throwing a counter left hand, found little success with his initial striking.After ascertaining that Brimage was susceptible to a snap kick directed at his chest and chin, Mc Gregor began to employ a looping left hand uppercut, throwing every time Brimage would move forward into striking range.These uppercuts grounded Brimage shortly after Mc Gregor started to use them. Mc Gregor bewildered Holloway with his unusual boxing technique, and his incorporation of a wide variety of taekwondo kicks, many of which are not used in MMA to a significant degree.Mc Gregor was able to control the striking range by using long, non-committal low side kicks to Holloway's knee and shin, and initiate combinations by leaping in with switch and bicycle kicks.The tickets made available to the public sold old within seconds of going on sale, with tickets immediately appearing on ticket exchange websites for as much as ,000.

He was victorious via technical knockout (TKO) in the first round.

After a victory at featherweight in his next bout against Stephen Bailey, Mc Gregor contemplated a different career path before his mother contacted his coach John Kavanagh and reinvigorated him to continue pursuing mixed martial arts.

Mc Gregor then won his next fight, also at featherweight, against Connor Dillon, before moving back to lightweight for a fight against Joseph Duffy, where he received his second professional loss after submitting to an arm-triangle choke.

Following the fight, he turned professional and was signed by the Irish Cage of Truth promotion.

In 2008, Mc Gregor began training at the Straight Blast Gym (SBG) in Dublin under John Kavanagh.

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